Databricks Join Hands with RStudio to Simplify R Programming on Big Data

Databricks recently announced it has partnered up with RStudio – a company that offers a free and open-source integrated development environment for R – in order to enhance the productivity of data science teams. The partnership will enable both the companies to smoothly integrate Databricks’ Unified Analytics Platform with the RStudio Server, thus easing R programming on big data. The integration of RStudio and Databricks does away with the roadblocks that halt most R-based machine learning and artificial intelligence projects.

Databricks’ Unified Analytics Platform provides collaboration abilities for data engineers and data scientists to work efficiently across the complete development-to-production lifecycle. Data science teams can leverage a variety of languages in Databricks’ Unified Analytics Platform and R is becoming more and more popular for advanced statistical analysis.

Whereas RStudio delivers a preferred way for data science teams to analyze data with R via open source and enterprise-ready tools for the R computing environment. Data scientists can easily use RStudio from within a Databricks implementation, thanks to the integration of both the solutions. Furthermore, data science teams are now better able to work together with data engineering as well as lines of business to speed up artificial intelligence initiatives.

Michael Hoff, senior vice president of business development and partners, Databricks, said, “Unifying data with machine learning continues to be the biggest barrier when building machine learning models. Data science teams use so many technologies and systems to manage data and machine learning – working in silos and hindering the iterative process needed to achieve AI. Our technology integration with the RStudio Server eliminates the need for data teams to spend valuable time ramping up on new tools. Data scientists can leverage a familiar IDE, quickly access and prepare high-quality data sets, and automatically run and execute R workloads at unprecedented scale.”

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