Capitalize on the Big Data Revolution with This 100-Hour Bundle

Whether you know it or not, Big Data is the driving force behind virtually every new technological innovation. From Google algorithms to self-driving cars, the most important developments in the world of tech rely on the in-depth analysis of massive data sets to get the job done.

The Big Data Hadoop Spark & Administrator Master Bundle will outfit you with the skills you need to work in this increasingly important industry, and it’s available for just $79—over 95% off.

With 100 hours of self-paced training, this extensive bundle introduces you to everything from the fundamentals of data science to some of Big Data’s most advanced analytical tools and tricks.

You’ll learn how to collect and sort streaming data sets from social media sites, implement security measures on servers, draw marketing conclusions from complex data sets, work with linear and logistic regression to predict future trends, and more.

Your training revolves primarily around Hadoop—a collection of open-source software utilities that acts as the go-to resource for working with massive data sets and communicating with distant networks.

There are also courses that help you prepare for some of the field’s most valuable certifications—including the SAS Base Programmer certification—which can help you edge out the competition when it comes time to start your career.

Don’t get left behind during the Big Data revolution. The Big Data Hadoop Spark & Administrator Master Bundle is available for over 95% off at just $79.

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