Big data analysis is the next innovative technique that the telecommunications (telecom) sector is deploying. Big data will tame the telecommunications abundance of data, and enable harvesting information “gold” from existing data storage. We know that Big data includes paper as well as innovating new ways of collecting numerous touch-points of data.

Telecoms have always created and analyzed vast quantities of data about their customers — both financial and administrative transactions and operations. Telecom service providers have always been early adopters of data-related technologies. Included in this tech are old-school statistical analysis followed by data mining, knowledge management, and business intelligence applications.

According to a MindCommerce study:

“An average telecom operator generates billions of records per day, and data should be analyzed in real or near real-time to gain maximum benefit.”

For communications service providers (CSPs) to make use of insightful knowledge, much of the data must be processed in near real-time. Traditional systems would take days, weeks, even months to process the data, not to mention the complex variety of structured and unstructured data that would trip up legacy applications.

Big data analysis is used by telecommunications service providers (telecoms) in a variety of intriguing and practical ways that even a few years ago would not have been possible.

  • CSPs monitor network traffic to identify problems to make…

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