‘Big data analytics will create job opportunities’

The Big Data analytics sector is poised for exponential growth in India boosting job opportunities in the IT sector. It is expected to witness a multi-fold growth by 2025, said Suresh Katta, founder of U.S.-based software firm Saama Technologies.

Delivering a talk on ‘Data Analysis’ at VIT-AP Amaravati campus on Thursday, he said there were a lot of opportunities to work in data science in the next 20 years. Mr. Katta said by focussing on new technologies, students could find work anywhere in the world.

He said there was great demand for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Analytics, adding to the employment opportunities. He said a major chunk of the workforce in the IT would have to re-skill themselves in data science to make the most of this employment boom.

Mr. Katta complimented the VIT-AP vice-president Sekar Viswanathan and Vice-Chancellor D. Subhakar for the quality education imparted on students.

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