The most promising artificial intelligence companies
The CBI selection, called “ai.100” contains the most promising private artificial intelligence companies in the world. The list relates to those companies that have made significant progress in the field during 2018. CBI insights produces research briefs that examine in depth areas like retail, healthcare, financial services in terms of AI activity.

The list, which was whittled down from over two thousand, focuses on the teams and technologies that have used artificial intelligence to address major sectoral challenges. From the one hundred companies, additional awards were given to those that have made the biggest impact.

In terms of how big the artificial intelligence market is becoming, 55 of the 100 companies have raised additional funding nearing $2 billion. Five of the companies have since been acquired by major corporations.

The one hundred AI pioneers includes startups operating in areas like drug discovery, cybersecurity, robotics and legal technology. Three examples of the array of firms are profiled below.

Figure Eight

Figure Eight is based in San Francisco. The company has developed software which automates tasks for machine learning algorithms. These are used to improve catalog search results, approve photos or support customers. An application example is with intelligent personal assistants. The company has raised $58 million in venture capital.


PerimeterX is a cyber security company which established systems to prevent automated web and mobile application attacks. The platform protects systems by detecting and protecting against malicious web behavior. Artificial intelligence is used to separate the actions of bots from those of normal users. The AI further identifies behaviors that are unlikely to represent human actions.


Textio is an augmented writing platform that tells the user who will respond to their writing based on the language they have included within a document. The platform also provides guidance on how the text within a document can be improved.

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