Self-driving cars, speech recognition. See Google's new AI lab at Princeton.

Google AI office space in Princeton. (Princeton University, Office of Communications, Denise Applewhite, 2018)

Self-driving cars, speech recognition systems and research into other artificial intelligence breakthroughs are getting a big push at Princeton University.

Google is partnering with the university in launching an AI lab – the acronym for artificial intelligence – at 1 Palmer Square, just across the street from the campus.

The lab will open in January, with computer science professors Elad Hazan and Yoram Singer splitting their time working for Google and Princeton, the university said.

It also will be used by other faculty members, graduate and undergraduate student researchers, recent graduates and software engineers, while building on what Princeton described as “several years of close collaboration” between Google and the two professors.

“We feel its a great opportunity, both for machine learning theorists at Princeton to benefit from exposure to real-world computing problems, and for Google to benefit from long-term, unconstrained academic research that Google may incorporate into future products,” Singer said in a statement. 

Financial arrangements pertaining to the partnership, such as construction costs, were not disclosed.

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