Campus focus: Anticipating entrance of big data in higher education - Thu, December 27 2018

Stephen Hawking once said that “intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”.

Today, we’re facing a new era of disruption in digital technology. The internet, as the most remarkable milestone of the Third Industrial Revolution, has driven efficiency in our tax administration system, which we can conclude from the increase in the proportion of taxpayers filing their annual report using the electronic filing system, at 21.6 percent, while the manual method saw a decline of 12 percent (April 2018).

Furthermore, the Fourth Industrial Revolution has already emerged beyond imagination and is ready to change our realm dramatically. What makes the concept of this stage different from the third one is largely Artificial Intelligence (AI). It will play a qualitatively different role in the size, speed, and scope of work. The role between the user and the digital system will …

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