Meaty Vegan Burger Created Using Artificial Intelligence Launches in Brazil

A Brazilian startup has launched a vegan burger created with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) to match the taste and texture of meat.

Startup Fazenda Futuro has introduced the Futuro Burger, which is made from pea protein, soy and chickpea, as well as beets to give it a red color.

The vegan burger was developed using AI, as well as by studying meat on the molecular level.

“The creation of Futuro Burger started with major learning and an understanding of the bovine meat itself and its components,” the company told Food Navigator.

“[This means] the amino acids that comprise an animal protein, the lipid chains that offer the sensation of fat, volatile compounds from bovine blood, and even the caramelizing of sugars present in beef.”

“This was only possible thanks to a mix of sensorial tests and artificial intelligence.”

Fazenda Futuro Founder Marcos Leta traveled to the United States to study the process of using technology to assist in creating quality plant-based food.

The company has the capability to create 20-30 tons of its vegan meat each month, and the company wants to put it to good use as demand for plant-based food surges in Brazil.

A poll by Good Food Institute found that 29 percent of Brazilians (about 60 million people) want to consume less animal products, and companies are starting to take notice.

Brazil-based egg producer Grupo Mantiqueira recently announced the launch of plant-based eggs to capitalize on the growing demand. Fazenda Futuro is hoping to do the same with its vegan meat.

“Brazil is one of the largest meat exporters in the world. We want to be too,” a company spokesperson said.

The Futuro Burger will be available in restaurants and in stores at the end of April for BRL 16.99 ($4.40).


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