LONDON, UK – 02-25-2019 ( — LOKD attends this year’s edition of Mobile World Congress Exhibition. The mobile exhibition holds from 25th to 28th February 2019 in Barcelona, Spain. 

 LOKD is a cybersecurity company that provides comprehensive mobile security solution to several industries and organizations most especially for the Military and Corporate parastatals. The cybersecurity company is passionate about delivery innovative security solutions vital for every organization’s cyber defense strategy. During this year’s Mobile World Congress Exhibition, LOKD will be unveiling the world’s first secure phone that is based on machine learning and Artificial Intelligence technology. The secure phone is crafted with high-end, innovative technology and its unique features include: Military-grade security As a result of LOKD’s versed knowledge and expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence, it has developed a secure phone to deliver features that ensure military-grade security. The cutting-edge features include: 

  • Full Anonymity 
  • Military-grade Encrypted Calls & Messages
  • OS & APP Customisation
  • Secure VPN, Mail & GSM Firewall
  • Anti-Location Tracking
  • Anti-Interception
  • Complete Transparency

 The cybersecurity company perfectly understands the trend of today’s Cyber-crimes, and it is employing its knowledge of machine learning and artificial intelligence to counter the menace. Automated threat detection LOKD designed the secure phone for automated threat detection, allowing the secure phone features an operating system and applications fully customised to meet customers’ needs. This process involves: 

  • Continuous autonomous collection of mobile threats
  • Continuous independent analyses and classification of mobile threats
  • Instant development of defense layer
  • Swift delivery of threat updates to the secure phone users 

 Cybercriminals are more dangerous and alarming than ever before, adopting automated and scripted attacks that increase their speed and scale. But interestingly, LOKD has understudied the volume, velocity, and sophistication of today’s global threat landscape, and it has realized that with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence the world can effectively respond and counter these aggressive attacks in real time at machine speed. More so, considering Government espionage, the biggest threat on the US, the UK, and Europe as a whole by China and Russia, and other occurrences such as the most recent where super micro implemented chip bug motherboards used by big corporate agencies, government departments, and Amazon. The world has to completely embrace the next-level mobile and endpoint security solutions based on machine learning and artificial intelligence that LOKD delivers. Meet LOKD, the world-class cybersecurity company at MWC, Barcelona from the 24th to 28th February 2019 as it unveils the first and foremost secure phone based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.  For more information:Visit

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