Every human needs food, water and shelter as their basic needs. Nowadays artificial intelligence is included in this list. In future, it will surely become a part of human life. In 2016 Internet access is considered as a basic human right. Even now Interruption in the connection of the Internet is considered as human right violence. Technologies like Image recognition, machine learning, language processing, cognitive computing is considered an AI term. Any country being “smarter”, “richer” and “healthier” totally depends on the importance they give to AI. Even military powers now use AI in weapons and wars.

Nowadays every smartphone we use to every chatbot that comes in every walk of our lives uses AI. Computers we use to gather a large amount of data like our shopping preferences likes and dislikes on social media. The collected data is used to learn and predict the machines and thus reducing the human effort. In history around 200 years Industrial revolution played a vital role and now AI is going to be the big revolution in nearby future which is going to rule the whole world. In industries, Artificial intelligence is used for production, manufacturing and fault detection before delivery.

In the recent years the term AI is turned into different terms like machine learning, cognitive computing, natural language processing etc., All this used to refer that without being spoon-fed in future all the machines will learn how to adapt without being taught. Major tech companies are mostly investing in this upcoming technology AI. Experts predicted that the advancement of AI will result in the replacement of human labour in near future. A system which is capable of writing poetry is coming into the picture by Google.

The fundamental part of AI is the Internet of things, which creates a world that all the decisions and work are done by machines where humans are just free to relax and enjoy life. Some of us may even think that replacing AI with human labour will lead to unemployment. When we consider the opinion of company heads they think human labour is more expensive which should be replaced with AI machines. Actually, humans should alongside work with AI machine to empower human power with machines.

New emerging software mana is a breed of enterprise software which will help in the mashing up of Big data and AI. We may even think that this automation will give humans the ability to think more creative for the future. Companies dipping their toes into the water with AI and automation now play a game where the rules have not been written. There are also legal concerns that have not been fully addressed by the legislative system which are not only built to offset the speed of technological progress that we see today. Google and Apple the world may have the resources to lobby politicians and press for changes that will benefit them, but that does not apply to every business. In order to fulfil its noble promises to change the world, this technology needs to be available to everyone and there must be a clear understanding of the applications that society will or will not tolerate.

According to USC researchers here are few developments of Ai in future:


AI in transportation is making a sensation in western countries already. Automated trains are already in use by European cities. Unlike humans, automated cars will never think about work, argue with your partner, make a call while driving. Driverless cars are expected to launch by 2030 by adding features of AI. An autonomous jetliner is to be built by Boeing in the coming years, at present they need output from humans to work.


The personalized medical revolution came into existence because of AI analysing patient records about their lifestyle and habits. AI will give a chance to doctors for the keen analysis of body parts. Even a cancer treatment analysis which suits best will be decided by AI. A complex task like brain tumours is to be done by AI. The best medicine can be given only for the specific illness of the patient by proper diagnosis.

Vital Task:

Many other physical and repetitive jobs are perfect for AI-based tools. But AI-assisted work can be even more critical in hazardous areas such as mining, fire fighting, demining and radioactive material handling. AI assistants will help parents stay independent and stay in their own homes longer. The tools can cut the grass, keep the windows washed and even help to bathe and clean. The artificial intelligence tool will make nutritious foods available, safely reach objects on high shelves and monitor movements in a nursing home.


Hacking is the one major challenge every company nowadays.554million cybersecurity cases are registered in the first half of 2016 alone.707 million hacking issues are faced in 2015. Every company now trying to be a step ahead of this cyber attacks. Patterns associated with virus programs are to be identified by AI tools without causing damage by them in future.

China has its first Artificial Intelligence (AI) news anchor. The anchor is created by the virtual image of a male human anchor with the voice and facial expressions of a real person. You can read a news in a synthesized voice, designed to sound like a professional human anchor. It was created by the new Chinese agency Xinhua in collaboration with the Chinese search engine company Sogou.

Two AI news anchors who can read the news in English and Mandarin were announced at the fifth World Internet Conference in the Chinese province of Zhejiang. The presenter takes advantage of AI’s technology to combine images and voices of human presenters to deliver news with “the same effect”. “As human anchors. That means that it learns from the previously available da

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