How Artificial Intelligence Can Create a Compelling Customer Experience

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The concept of artificial intelligence was the stuff of science fiction in the early days and became popular when anthropomorphic robots were featured on literature and eventually the silver screen. With technology making amazing things happen over the years, science fiction has now become reality.

AI has improved in leaps and bounds in recent years, with machines now closer to being that of the droids of Star Wars. Our real-world robots are now being developed to be capable of carrying out tasks in such a way that we consider ‘smart’ due to machine learning (ML).

Machine learning is an advanced application of AI based on the idea that humans feed machines data and let them learn for themselves. This allows us to use machines to make them do work faster and more precise across different industries.

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AI has been creating compelling customer experiences by applying machine learning and the internet of things using different devices across various channels and touchpoints. This is why Netflix can offer movie and TV recommendations and virtual assistants such as Alexa can answer many questions thrown at them. With technology continuously improving AI capabilities, it doesn’t stop there.

  • Virtual assistants can automate routine tasks such as resetting of passwords, addressing of account issues and providing sales support to free up live agents and let them focus on more complex tasks that can help improve overall performance.
  • AI allows advanced machines to reason and performs human tasks by combining algorithms using automation software. They can find answers to challenges with speed and precision that supplement human capabilities. This include repetitive business processes like order fulfillment, purchasing, shipping, inventory management, shipping and billing.
  • Conversational commerce is an emerging trend that is redefining the role of messaging apps used in customer engagement when shopping. Chatbots are now used to assist consumers for a faster and more personalized customer service through intelligent automated responses based on interpreted data.
  • One of the best benefits of today’s technology is our interconnectivity through the internet. This has made processes quicker and more efficient. But despite this improvement, it doesn’t come without a cost – our security. This is the reason why forward-thinking organizations are reshaping cybersecurity by leveraging on a robust customer data security system to edge out the competition while building trust and loyalty with their customers.

With artificial intelligence continuously evolving, customer experience will improve over the years. The scope of automation will be wider and more complex as AI becomes more advanced, prompting humans to focus on addressing more pressing concerns. This elevates the whole customer experience from the beginning, where they start researching on the goods they plan to purchase, until the after-sales service.

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