Google, Trevor Project will use AI to combat LGBTQ youth suicide

By Tim Fitzsimons

Google and New York-based nonprofit The Trevor Project are joining forces to use artificial intelligence in order to help LGBTQ youth in crisis.

The technology giant awarded The Trevor Project with a $1.5 million Google AI Impact grant, which will let the nonprofit incorporate Google’s artificial intelligence tools into its suicide prevention services.

“The Trevor Project saves lives by supporting at-risk LGBTQ youth via phone, text, and chat,” the Google Impact website states. “Using natural language processing and sentiment analysis, counselors will be able to determine a LGBTQ youth’s suicide risk level, and better tailor services for individuals seeking help.”

The Trevor Project was one of the 20 groups selected from more than 2,600 applicants for the Google AI Impact Challenge, which was an open call for proposals to use AI to “address social issues,” according to a press release. The Trevor Project’s proposal was to create a system that could better and more quickly serve the 1.5 million LGBTQ youth who experience some sort of suicidal ideation or crisis each year.

“Our crisis counselors work tirelessly every day to support these LGBTQ youth,” Trevor Project CEO Amit Paley said in a statement shared with NBC News. “This support from Google will allow our counselors to leverage AI and leading-edge technology to identify highest risk youth faster and serve them with even higher quality of care.”

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