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The creators of a new artificial intelligence system that can create news stories and other pieces of written content are not making it publicly available because they said it could be misused.

Called OpenAI, the system uses AI to write text based simply on a suggested headline for the piece. Reuters reported the company is backed by several Silicon Valley heavyweights, including LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

The technology could be used to churn out news stories, papers for school, and other pieces of text. But there is concern among the people behind it that it could be exploited and used for the wrong reasons, so they wrote a paper about it.

The technology, they wrote, was found to have the ability to “write news articles about scientists discovering talking unicorns.”

“We’re not at a stage yet where we’re saying, this is a danger,” OpenAI’s research director Dario Amodei said. “We’re trying to make people aware of these issues and start a conversation.”

Researchers across nearly every industry are working on various forms of artificial intelligence, even including the Pentagon as it dreams of having soldiers control equipment with just their minds.

Material from Reuters was used in this report.

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