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Artificial intelligence expert Kai-Fu Lee to appear on ’60 Minutes’

Artificial intelligence expert Kai-Fu Lee to appear on '60 Minutes'

Published 7:25 p.m. ET Jan. 11, 2019


AI research group DeepMind created the new tech that is able to spot key signs of eye disease just as well as the world’s top doctors.

Kai-Fu Lee, a Chinese venture capitalist and artificial intelligence expert who attended Oak Ridge High School after moving to the United States in 1973, will appear on “60 Minutes” on Sunday night on CBS. 

Oak Ridger: Kai-Fu Lee on Time Magazine’s 2013 list of most influential people in the world

Now back in China, Lee is the CEO of Sinovation Ventures and is considered one of the “world’s foremost experts” on artificial intelligence. 

CBS: AI may displace 40 percent of world’s jobs in as soon as 15 years

According to CBS, Lee believes AI will replace 40 percent of the world’s jobs in as little as 15 years, and not just skilled labor. 

Lee told CBS journalist Scott Pelley that AI will disrupt repetitive jobs across the board, including chauffeur, truck driver or other driving jobs.

“Many jobs that seem a little bit complex, chef, waiter, a lot of things, will become automated … stores … restaurants, and altogether in 15 years, that’s going to displace about 40 percent of the jobs in the world,” Lee told Pelley. 

The “60 Minutes” episode featuring Lee airs Sunday on CBS at 7 p.m. Eastern time. 



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