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publication date: Nov. 16, 2018

Artificial intelligence can entrench disparities—here’s what we must do

By Kadija Ferryman

Mozilla Open Science Fellow at the Data & Society Research Institute in New York, Lead investigator in the Fairness in Precision Medicine research study, which examines the potential for bias and discrimination in predictive precision medicine


By Robert A. Winn

Associate vice chancellor for Health Affairs, Community Based Practice Director, University of Illinois Cancer CenterProfessor of medicine, clinical professor of surgery, University of Illinois at Chicago


Heinz Von Foerster, the renowned Austrian-American physicist and cybernetics scholar, declared that “information can be considered as order wrenched from disorder.1” Ever-increasing amounts of digital data and new computational tools promise that technological developments such as artificial intelligence (AI) will bring order, clarity, and new solutions in multiple areas—from transportation to criminal justice.

Solutions are clearly needed in healthcare, particularly in the U.S., where high expenditures have not led to corresponding improvements in health outcomes.

Automated AI has been used in medicine since the development of computer-assisted clinical decision support tools in the 1970s, but recent advances in machine learning have produced stunning successes, such as the ability … Continue reading Artificial intelligence can entrench disparities—here’s what we must do

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